As the program continues to prepare, Simon announces that he will be transferring to St. Francis and won’t be in the show. This leads to a confrontation from Lilette and a conversation with Mr. Mazzu and Ms. Wolfe. Simon’s announcement pushes Tracy past her breaking point. She blames Lou for Simon’s departure and questions the vision he has for the show and the program. Maashous starts to feel at home with the Mazzuchelli’s. Coach Strickland and Vanessa Suarez end their relationship. Lilette spends more time with Robbie, learning more about his home life.


Observations from Episode 3 “What Flowers May Bloom”


  1. This was a slower episode that focused more on character development. It made for a great episode. I said that episode 2 showed that this show is finding it’s footing, this is another example of that. If Rise continues like this it will end up being an incredible show.
  2. We spent a lot of time with Sam Strickland and Vanessa Suarez and I couldn’t care less about this plot line. I’m more interested in the effect their affair is having on the Strickland family than I am the actual affair. The show however is more interested in the affair. So we have an awkward meeting between the two outside of the diner that Vanessa works at. This meeting is punctuated with Sam giving her a phone case. This leads to an even more awkward meeting at the high school, where she gives the phone case back and ends their relationship. I don’t care about their relationship at all, I care even less when they are giving each other phone cases like children. I don’t feel sympathy for either character and I’m definitely not routing for this relationship. It doesn’t make much sense to spend time with them but hopefully now that their relationship is officially ended we won’t have to anymore. However, I seriously doubt it.
  3. Another character that we get to spend a lot of time with this episode is Maashous. We learn a little about his current foster home and get to see him settle into his situation with the Mazzuchelli’s better. The latter lead to some of the best moments of the episode. Seeing him playing football with the whole family, including Gordy, and him decorating the porch and eating dinner with the family were some great moments. I’m interested to see where his character goes. It was great to see him spotlighted in this episode.
  4. Where was Gwen!? We need more Gwen!
  5. I have never seen “Spring Awakening”. I actually have never even heard of it. So I’m not familiar with the content but every episode we learn a little more about the show and a little more about the content. It seems every bit as provocative as they say, which does seem a bit odd that this is a high school show. It doesn’t bother me but I do understand why parents wouldn’t want their kid in this show. I’m also very interested in the show. It seems as if Rise is slow playing the details on the show. Every episode we get just a little bit more information on the show, through rehearsals of a particular scene. This makes me more and more anxious for what the finally product is. I will watch Rise for the whole season just to see what the show looks like at the end.

Image Credit: NBC

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