The Office is one of the most decorated and popular TV series of all-time. During its 8 year run (2005 – 2013) it was nominated for a countless number of Golden Globes and primetime Emmy’s, and won on several of those nominations. It also gained a huge, almost cult like, following. For good reason, The Office is one of the greatest TV shows ever. It created too many memorable moments to count. It introduced us to characters that will never be forgotten and a lot of the actors that played those roles have gone on to do great things. That has helped The Office live on long past it ended its run.

I recently rewatched The Office from start to finish. I love the conversations and debates that surround entertainment, so I’ve decided to rank the Top 25 episodes from the show’s run. I got all of the plot descriptions from IMDb and for the top 5 I added why I ranked them where I did.

One thought on “Top 25 Episodes of ‘The Office’

  1. This makes me want to go back and watch them all…..shoot who am I kidding, I was going to do that anyways. The only epsode that I thought should be on the list is the episode where Michael proposes to Holly (just because the way he did it was so dope). I was just surprised to see the first dundie episode so high, but other than great stuff!


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