In this week’s episode of Rise, Robbie and Lilette’s relationship is challenged by the perceptions of their families. Gordy and his parents’ relationship comes to a head in front of the Stricklands, which leads to more tension between Lou and Sam, as well as a revelation about Lou’s dad. Sam and Gail make a decision that hurts Gwen. Lou has new struggles with the production while Maashous thinks he has a solution to this problem. Lou thinks he has his own solution, which leads him to overstepping, again. Tracy is having her own struggles but not with the production, with her feelings for Andy. Simon starts at St. Francis and despite the good face he puts forward he doesn’t want to be there and his mom knows it.


Observations from episode 5 “We’ve All Got Our Junk”

  1. Amy Forsyth was back in this episode and she lit up the screen in the few moments that she had on it. She brings a lot of emotion to her character and her character’s current situation. As a child of divorce and as someone that works with a lot of children of divorce, she is capturing that emotion wonderfully. I will continue to say that I hope Gwen’s character gets more time and we get to explore her character with more depth.
  2. Amy Forsyth wasn’t the only one lighting up the screen; Rosie Perez was awesome this week. She’s been great the whole season but she was especially great this week. Seeing Tracy run around the school hiding from Andy and pretty much just acting like one of the kids was a lot of fun. It added a bit of levity to what is normally a pretty intense ride. At this point Rosie Perez can do no wrong.
  3. Robbie and Lilette continue to be the forefront of the show and that continues to pay off. Previously I said that I wasn’t sure if Damon J Gillespie was charismatic but I’m sure now. He can match Auli’l Cravalho and he proves it with his “I’m into you” speech. Lilette also continues to shine and her solo, while brief, was incredible and makes me even more anxious to see this play.
  4. Simon standing up to his dad was a great scene. It felt like a bit of foreshadowing for a future confrontation. I’m also hoping that this confrontation will lead to more character development for the whole family. There is a lot to be mined.
  5. Simon’s dad leads to another observation that hit me this episode. Dad’s kind of suck on this show. Him, Lou, Robbie’s dad and Sam are all handling situations that are affecting their kids in negative ways. It’s honest storytelling and it works for this show. They aren’t all bad dads; they have just made some questionable decisions. I am very interested to see where each of their situations go and how all the parties involved will be affected by it.

Image Credit: NBC

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