Lillette has to deal with the fallout of her mom losing her job. That includes an increased work schedule, which affects the entire show. The new late rehearsal schedule upsets most of the cast and divides them against Lillette and Robbie. The show has other issues because Lou unveils an elaborate (and impossible) set design. Lou’s determination and stubbornness about the set upset more volunteers and threaten the shows success. Robbie loses his starting job on the football team and is given an ultimatum. Gwen is having a hard time dealing with her parents divorce and she is acting out in ways that she hasn’t before. This brings her closer to Gordy who is trying to clean up his act. Simon tries to get closer to Annabelle and take their relationship to the next level.


Observations from Episode 6 “Bring Me Stanton”

  1. Lou’s passion is fun to watch. As a teacher myself, that has a great deal of misunderstood passion, I can relate to him. But it’s getting a bit old watching him piss somebody off because he overreaches and then they make up after he has a revelation. I really want him to just work better with people; it would make his story more fun to watch.
  2. Robbie’s ultimatum is interesting for a couple of reasons. Just a couple of episodes ago Coach Strickland said that the team couldn’t be successful without him. Now there is another quarterback that is good enough to take his job? Also, college recruits were just scouting Robbie but now he doesn’t know his plays? It all seems a bit odd and convenient.
  3. Gwen still isn’t given enough screen time this week but in that short time she advanced her storyline in a compelling way. I’m real interested to see how Gwen continues to try and handle her parent’s divorce. Her and Gordy getting close adds some intrigue, and quickly makes their relationship the most interesting one for me.
  4. My prediction on Simon appears to be right. I’m very interested to see how they handle this. It seems like Annabelle is going to get very hurt in this situation. My hope is that they give her a part in this story and she isn’t just used as a tool to tell Simon’s story and give it depth. She is her own character with her own story and I hope they explore that. If not Simon’s story will loose something important.
  5. Another great montage to end this episode. I need performances from this show because it shines the most when these crazy talented actors are singing and performing.

Image Credit: NBC

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