Finally! In the beginning of Episode Three we get to see another park. The show delivers on a promise that they gave towards the end of Season 1. It was one of the biggest sources of anticipation for this season. We get a glimpse of what appears to be an Indian themed park that also doesn’t seem to be set in modern times. They don’t share a whole lot about the park; all we really know is that some of the guests like to hunt Bengal tigers. Our time in this park is spent with Grace (Katja Herbers) and Nicholas (Neil Jackson), who meet in the park and have an interesting time together (where in which Nicholas is shot). We don’t spend a lot of time with these characters because almost immediately Grace realizes something is off and Nicholas is killed by a host. Grace is able to escape but ironically gets chased out of the park by a Bengal tiger.

This entire scenario lasts right around 10 minutes. That time was used efficiently because there was a lot of information relayed in that time. We learn that the rebellion that took place at Ford’s party took place at other parks also. We also learn that the parks are basically connected to each other since Grace escapes into Westworld when she falls into the lake where the Bengal tiger was discovered at the end of Episode One. Even though this does answer some questions, in true Westworld fashion it creates so many more questions than answers. It was really cool to see another park and honestly, I could have spent the entire episode there. I hope this leads to more park introductions and more crossovers.

After Grace falls into the lake we catch up with Bernard and Delos, (I’m assuming) after they discovered all of the dead hosts in the lake. They meet up with Charlotte Hale and she starts asking questions, which sends us into a flash back. This flash back takes us to the timeline with Charlotte, Bernard, and their quest for Peter Abernathy. This is the main story in this episode and it was another good choice by the show because it’s not only an interesting story, it also provides more answers. They find Peter and he appears to be going through some sort of malfunction that Bernard has a hard time getting to the bottom of. Confederados catch them and take them prisoner, which leads us back to Dolores and Teddy. Dolores (well in this case, Wyatt) gets her army by trading modern weaponry for it and catches up with Bernard and Peter Abernathy (who played her dad in one of her storylines).

I have very mixed emotions about this part of the story. I love badass Dolores and we get a lot of that in this episode. However, I don’t love the stuff with Peter. I get that they are trying to get over an emotional aspect of this story but it doesn’t work. First we aren’t really sure if Dolores is Dolores all the time, sometimes she’s Wyatt and she’s combining all of her storylines. This all makes it hard to connect with this one particular situation. Secondly (and most importantly for me), she’s a host. I understand that she is gaining or has a conscious mind of her own but her connection to this character was written in a storyline so it doesn’t really land. I have a hard time connecting to these scenes because it’s based on something that isn’t even real. Teddy doesn’t even know who he is. The episode slowed down here and took me away from the aspects of these characters that are more interesting.

The same is true for Maeve and her journey. This is the group that I care the least about and even though we don’t get a lot of time with them, this episode was enough to solidify that I don’t have an interest in their journey at all. It suffers from the same problems that the Dolores and Peter’s scenes suffer from. Maeve’s daughter hasn’t really been seen in the show and that makes it all the harder to buy into her journey. I love Maeve’s character and I want to see more from her, I just want to see her doing something else.

I will give the show some credit because it does seem to be aware that this is a problem for some viewers or at least anticipated it. Sizemore points out that Antoine and Maeve shouldn’t be together because they were programmed to be alone. It seems to shake Antoine a bit and it doesn’t bother Maeve at all but it does create some interesting questions. If these hosts are gaining their own intelligence and consciousness, then does that mean that they would process and feel emotions the way that humans do? If that were true, then would they feel emotional bonds to the characters in their preprogrammed storylines? I honestly can’t answer these questions now but I do know that the show wants us to have an answer to these questions. I also think that they have answered these questions and it motivates the emotional aspects of these storylines. I don’t mind some exploration into the host’s dealing with and processing emotions but I hope the show doesn’t get tied down with it because too much of it will make the show immensely less interesting.

Delos finds out where Peter is and that leads to a battle between them and Dolores’ (Wyatt’s?) new army. There is some great Dolores stuff here. Her leadership is both good and terrifying. And the best shot of the entire episode is when she is repeatedly shot as she walks out, trying to get Peter back. Delos ends up with him and that seems to be incredibly important because we learned earlier that there is some sort of encryption key in him that is very important. This is the reason why they didn’t send anybody to help Charlotte in Episode One. But again it answers one question while at the same time creating several more. Overall it was a very good episode. They moved the story along while answering questions and building intrigue for future episodes. I’ve said it all throughout this season and it’s still true; I am here for everything they are doing with Dolores. I am so interested in her storyline and Evan Rachel Wood is killing it this season.

Questions After Episode 3 “Virtu e Fortuna”

  • At the end of the episode we see evidence of another park within the borders of Westworld. Are all of the parks connected? If so, are we going to see all of the parks? Or are parts of the parks going to come to Westworld?
  • My biggest question from the entire episode what happened to Peter Abernathy? Did they lose him? Did Dolores get him back?
  • How does Teddy affect all of this? He doesn’t seem to be learning at a rate that makes him useful to Dolores but he does have access to Dolores that not many have. Does he stop her rebellion? Did him letting those prisoners go lead to his death? What role will he play in the larger story?
  • What did Bernard find out? Before Delos came in and took Peter Bernard found something out, what was it and does that information affect all of the dead hosts in the lake? Did he learn more about what Delos was doing with people’s information or did he find a greater plan?

Image Credit: HBO

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