Whether any of us like it or not we are in the age of reboots, spinoffs and remakes or if you want to sound intelligent, the age of preexisting intellectual property. It may be a Hollywood trend but it doesn’t seem to be going away. This leaves only two options in how to handle it; you can accept it and enjoy it as much as possible or you can reject it and hope that it goes away. Chances are that the latter won’t happen any time soon because there is too much money in it. The reason why being that as much as people love stories, they love nostalgia more. Nostalgia is what is driving popular culture right now and it is most certainly driving film. I’m not immune to this either, I hold on to my nostalgic memories and wait eagerly for them to be rebooted. There have already been several of my beloved childhood stories brought back to life, some of those were great and some were awful. Each time I was excited and eager to see these stories I loved so much.

My acceptance of the Hollywood norm is what fueled this post. There are five stories I’d like to see rebooted in some way. It can be an almost shot for shot remake or a reboot or a reimagining, these are just five stories that I would like to see again in some form or fashion. There are a few rules that I established when forming my list: first, it can’t be scheduled for a remake in the next year, anything after that is fair game. Second, it can’t have been made in the past five years. Last, it can be any pre-existing IP.

5. Any Given Sunday (1999)

This one would never happen and I’m not looking for a sequel of this. I more so would love to see a movie that takes a look at the other side of football. That’s what was so intriguing to me about this film. This was a different kind of football movie. It really looked at the negative side of football and what that costs those who are involved. The film lost its way because it went too over the top and didn’t really have anything to say. There is a lot to talk about in football right now and a movie that took a look at that would be very interesting.

4. The Mighty Ducks (1992-1996)

I’m a 90’s kid and I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone my age group that would not be all in on a reboot of this. They were the perfect kids movies. They were funny, fun and showed me something that I wanted to be apart of. I got a hockey stick after I saw this movie and would play street hockey with my friends because of this movie. That’s why it would work as a reboot, everyone my age would go to see it and they would bring their kids, who would also love it. It would make enough money for it to make sense and it’s a great family film, this is a no-brainer.

3. Friday the 13th (1980-2009)

For a long time Horror was my favorite genre and it was in large part because of this franchise. This is my favorite horror franchise and I never get tired of these films. Last year I was incredibly excited because the reboot seemed certain to happen and I was among the few that were heartbroken when it got pulled. I don’t know a lot about the politics of why it got pulled but I feel like this is a good time for a reboot of this. Halloween is coming back later this year and that is carrying a ton of expectation and excitement. Friday the 13th could garner some of that same excitement and make for a fun time at the theater.

2. Bad Boys (1995-2003)

I know that this is rumored to happen in 2020 but I put it on the list cause its been rumored to happen for the past 10 years. I loved these movies when I was younger! They were action/comedies that I could relate to and there weren’t a whole lot of those at the time. Since the first Bad Boys in 1995, there have been more and even better action/comedies for me to relate to, so its place on this list is strictly for nostalgia. I love Martin Lawrence and Will Smith together. I loved the fun they brought out in these movies and I love the action. With the capabilities of modern filmmaking, there is potential for some incredible action sequences. Hopefully this can finally happen.

1. Back to the Future (1985-1990)

It’s always hard when you’re dealing with a classic but Back to the Future remains one of the few franchises that haven’t been touched. This could be the time for that. There is a whole generation of people that aren’t familiar with these movies hardly at all and I think there is a strong enough base for there to be interest. The premise is great and would still work today. In the right director’s hands we could see a future that would be really interesting and a lot of fun. The original films are also a bit dated (especially since we are past the future date of the second film), so it would be great to see the story reimagined.

All images came from imdb

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