We are well into October and you’ve probably noticed all of the Halloween themed TV shows and the influx of horror movies on all of the streaming services. This is why October has become one of my favorite months for TV and movies. I love horror movies and the volume of horror movies available during this month is thrilling. Here are 10 horror movies you should watch this month that are available for streaming!


10. Mom and Dad (Hulu)

Director: Brian Taylor

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Slema Blair, Anne Winters & Zackary Arthur

Released: 2017

For unknown reasons, parents are turning violently on their kids. This unique premise makes for a lot of fun in this horror/comedy. Brian Taylor wrote and directed this film to be more funny than scary and that makes it so watchable. There is a fair amount of gore but that is also played for humor. Mom and Dad isn’t the horror movie you throw on late at night for scares, it’s the one you watch for fun and it’ll definitely provide you with plenty of that.

9. Would You Rather (Netflix)

Director: David Guy Levy

Cast: Brittany Snow, June Squibb, Jeffrey Combs & Jonny Coyne

Released: 2012

Horror movies love to take fun games and turn them into terrifying experiences. Most times this makes for a very bad movie; Would You Rather is an exception. The “Would You Rather” game is a perfect premise for a horror movie and creates some real tension. It’s a little messy getting everyone to the game but it gets good once it starts. It’s a solid horror movie that won’t blow you away but is definitely worth your time.

8. Saw (STARZ)

Director: James Wan

Cast: Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover & Ken Leung

Released: 2004

If you’re reading this list then you at the very least know the premise of the Saw movies and have already decided if that’s your thing or not. It makes the list because the first is a good movie. There are some torture elements that will be a bit much if you don’t like gore but it doesn’t feel as gimmicky as the other movies in the series. There are also some interesting twists that make the whole thing a lot of fun. The whole series may not be worth watching but the first one is.

7. The Belko Experiment (HBO)

Director: Greg McLean

Cast: John Gallagher Jr., Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona & John C. McGinley

Released: 2016

The bloody trend continues with The Belko Experiment. Workers desperately trying to escape their building alive is a fun premise. It is also full of violence and blood that adds to the fun if you can stand it. There are enough plot twists to keep you guessing. The pacing is fast and there is plenty of action, which makes for a real good time.

6. The Strangers (Amazon Prime)

Director: Bryan Bertino

Cast: Scott Speedman & Liv Tyler

Released: 2008

The Strangers is one of my favorite horror movies because it is incredibly creepy and rife with tension. A couple being terrorized by complete strangers, in creepy masks, is a scary enough premise to build on. Director Bryan Bertino builds on it well. This isn’t the scariest movie you’ll see but it is certainly creepy, which is enough to be effective.

5. The Descent (HBO)

Director: Neil Marshall

Cast: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid & Saskia Mulder

Released: 2005

You may have missed this gem of a film the first time around but you shouldn’t miss it again. A group of explorers get trapped in a cave and start to be hunted by unknown predators. There is so much claustrophobic tension it’s almost unbearable at times. It’s also a beautiful film to watch, which elevates the whole experience. The Descent is a must watch.

4. It (HBO)

Director: Andy Muschietti

Cast: Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Denbrough, Finn Wolfhard & Sophia Lillis

Released: 2017

If you missed It last year, then you need to catch up. It was a huge hit and for good reason, it’s a real good movie. It’s also the perfect movie to watch on Halloween because it is incredibly creepy and has a few genuine horror moments. Some horror movies are just fun to watch and some give genuine scares; It is more of the latter which is why it is great for Halloween night.

3. Train to Busan (Netflix)

Director: Sang-ho Yeon

Cast: Yoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, Dong-seok Ma & Su-an Kim

Released: 2016

The only reason Train to Busan isn’t at the top of the list is because of the subtitles. Some people have an issue with them, if you don’t mind watching a foreign language film then you have to watch Train to Busan. When a zombie outbreak hits South Korea, we follow a group of train passengers as they discover the outbreak and try to survive it. It has all the set pieces and fun action you love in a zombie movie. It is also incredibly well written. It has good plot twists and is emotionally effective. Train to Busan is a great film and you have to watch it.

2. It Follows (Netflix)

Director: David Robert Mitchell

Cast: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi & Lili Sepe

Released: 2014

It Follows was a critical darling a few years ago and for good reason. It tucked some social commentary inside of a very clever horror movie. From a technical standpoint it has everything that you would want. It’s so high on the list because it’s also pretty effective. You’ll be looking over your shoulder for weeks after watching it and you’ll never be able to look at someone walking towards you from a distance in the same way again.

1. The Witch (Netflix)

Director: Robert Eggers

Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie & Julian Richings

Released: 2015

The reasons why you should watch The Witch is never ending. To start, it’s the most effective of all the movies on the list. The silent dramatic tension is unbearable. The tension grabs you immediately and doesn’t let go. There are also a few disturbing images that will never leave your mind. Most of this list is for a fun, good time watching horror movies, this one is to scare you on Halloween night and that will definitely happen.

What horror movies would you add to the list? Tell us what we missed!  

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