The fifth episode of Season 3 digs a little deeper into Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) story. Earlier episodes showed Toby flushing his antidepressants in order to better he and Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) chances of getting pregnant through IVF. Some time has passed since they started the treatments and now he and Kate are waiting for some good news from the doctor. Toby struggles to hide his depression from Kate who is overly positive and ever so thankful to him for being her rock through this difficult experience. Flashbacks show Toby struggling with his depression at various times in his life, once as a young boy dealing with his parents’ divorce and then again as an adult dealing with his own. He spends the entire episode desperately trying to fill his prescription before having a complete breakdown. When the doctor calls with news that Kate is pregnant, he shuts down in full-blown depression. Now Kate and Toby’s roles have completely flipped.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) makes a trip to Baltimore to visit with Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) war buddy, Robinson. Zoe (Melanie Liburd) decides to tag along and discovers that her feelings for Kevin are deeper than she led herself to believe. She struggles with the fact that Kevin is white and somewhat naïve. Zoe realizes that she cares about Kevin enough to explain to him why it matters what type of pillowcase she needs to sleep on and why she was offended when a cashier snickered at the thought of them being together. Over dinner Kevin shares old pictures and Robinson shows him his medals from his time of service. He must have noticed Kevin’s the longing for more answers after their conversation. The next morning before Kevin leaves his hotel, Robinson finds him and hands him a stack of letters. One of the letters has a picture tucked inside its envelope of Jack and a woman wearing Jack’s necklace that he passed down to Kevin. He tells Kevin that he thinks Jack would want his son to know about what really happened to him during the war.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) continues to search for his place of belonging as he begins his campaign for City Councilman. His efforts to reach out to the community are repeatedly met with hostility from those in his birth father’s neighborhood. Once again Randall learns that they see him as an outsider and this new direction will be a larger challenge than he anticipated. As usual Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is there to support him every step of the way. After losing her job in last week’s episode, she has started searching for a new position. When she’s asked during an interview about her time spent with her previous company Beth struggles to answer the question. She tells Randall that it went well but Beth is keeping a secret. The previews for the next episode look like more about Beth’s story will be unveiled.

Spliced throughout the episode were flashbacks to the past timeline. Years before Jack’s death, Miguel (Jon Huertas) and Jack are drinking some beers while watching TV. Jack makes Miguel promise that he can count on him to take care of his family if anything were to happen to him. Fastforward some years later to the months following Jack’s death and Miguel is committed to keeping his promise. The kids and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) are still adjusting to living in a small apartment on their own. Miguel has started to stop by to help with small issues around their apartment like fixing the fridge and he even surprises them with a piano just like the one they lost in the fire.

As Randall and Kevin (Niles Fitch and Logan Shroyer) are getting ready for their Senior Prom, Kate (Hannah Zeile) has decided to stay home. Randall doesn’t actually end up going to Prom; instead he has an uncomfortable encounter with his girlfriend’s father who cannot accept that Randall is black. Kevin falls deeper into the beginning stages of his addiction and ends the night passed out in the limo on his way home. While the boys are gone Rebecca talks to Kate about their shared love for music. Kate tells Rebecca that she can’t find the same hope that she once felt before Jack’s death, something that once made her so happy no longer brings her that same feeling anymore.

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