We love stories of all kinds, especially those that are told on television and film. We also love the conversation that comes with those stories. This blog is an opportunity for us to share our thoughts and opinions on TV and film. There are already a million blogs similar to this one but our hope is that the quality of content and consistency will win over readers. We will be sharing our thoughts on TV and film through reviews, recaps and features. Like we said, we love the conversation that comes with the medium, so leave your thoughts and we can talk! Also if you have requests or a recommendation on something we should watch, leave a comment or reach out via email or social media!

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Aubrey has always loved movies. Some of his earliest memories include watching Grease with his mom and sneaking into rated R movies with his cousin. This has carried into the present with an interest in the filmmaking process and what makes a good movie. He favors more character driven stories, which tend to be on the smaller scale but blockbusters are also never out of the question. Overall Aubrey just loves stories, they are the essence of a movie and a well told story is the experience he craves. Some of his favorite movies are Sing Street, The Social Network, Alien, Iron Man and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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Emilie grew up in a household that bonded over their time spent watching movies and television as a family. To this day she loves getting caught up in anything with great performances and genuine storytelling. These are important qualities that she appreciates across all genres. She also enjoys being a part of the conversation associated with popular films and TV shows in addition to all things Hollywood. While drama is her favorite genre, some of her most beloved films include The Dark Knight, La La Land, and Gone With the Wind.

Email: emckay618@gmail.com

Social Media: @emmiem618


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